First Star's Psychic Fairs & Expos

KW Spring Psychic Fair & Expo
May 18 to 21, 2019 - Fri: 3-9 - Sat/Sun: 10-9 - Mon: 10-6

Friday May 18, 2018
Tony Uberoi
Palmistry Demonstration
Tony Uberoi takes you into a sneak-peak into the mystical art and science of palmistry. Perhaps hands on was a phrase coined to describe this demo. Tony takes you into the world of lines, mounts, signs, whorls and the structure of palms that reveal your past, present and choices for a better future.
Dennis Andersen
Sensing Energy
Dennis will lecture on how and why we can sense energy. Where we can use it.
Karen Barclay
Signs of Your Awakening
Karen will give a few signs that you shall be experiencing at times, as you start to awaken.
Saturday May 19, 2018
Ricky Faria
Introduction to Pendulums & Crystals
Learn basic techniques on how to enhance your daily life with the power of healing crystals. Find out more on how to choose & use a pendulum and other polished crystals, their properties & uses to live a better life.
Mediumship & How It Works
This is to learn more about Mediumship. Please bring your questions. There will also be a demonstration of Messages of Mediumship.
Angela Donnelly
Meditation With The Healing Collective
In this demo, Angela will channel a group called the Healing Collective. This group will guide us through a meditation in letting go of the old thoughts, beliefs, & connections & they will then fill us with love, light & our truth.
Judy Abbott
Psychic Demo Using Clairvoyance & Tarot Cards
Judy will get the audience to ask a question silently to themselves. She will then randomly select Tarot cards & will what they mean. This will assist them in finding an answer.
Opening to Your Gifts & What Not to Do
An open discussion, exploring your gifts & the blocks & barriers to opening up.
Zen Card Demonstration
Osho Zen Tarot is a unique and powerful deck. During her lecture Debbie will demonstrate how Osho Zen is different and will show how it compares to the standard tarot. A few people will be selected to have a very brief, very public, one card reading. Come & enjoy.
Lenka Kamenicky
All About Angels
Learn about Guardian Angels and how they assist us and protect us throughout various stages of our life.
Sunday May 20, 2018
KC Black
KC will discuss her relationship with the entity of energy that she works with when Channelling. She will then answer some audience questions with Channelled answers.
Gaisheda Kheawok
Sound & Energy Medicine Techniques
Using simple Energy Medicine Exercises, learn how to creat better energetic boundaries & not leak energy. Develop powerful grounding & protecting exercises from Gaisheda Kheawok in this interactive workshop.
Kathleen Boldt
Greetings From The Spirit World
Connect with Spirit! Experience, learn & be inspired by the validations & communications of discarnate loved ones, guides & inspirers. Greetings will be delivered at random, as time permits, to attendees.
Darryl Philip
Why Our Lives Are The Way They Are
We are finally beginning to awaken or remember who it is we really are. Why are we born with certain conditions & circumstances in our lives? Why do certain events happen to us? What’s the purpose of this life time & what will happen to us after this life?
Stan Mallow
The Healing Crystal Skulls
Lono & Kinohi, the Miraculous Hawaiian Healing Crystal Skulls have had a profound effect on all who have come in contact with them. Join Stan in a healing circle with The Skulls & experience their powerful healing energies for yourself.
Dorothy Kesseler
Discover your personal moon phase and what it means.
Joan King
Opening Up Your Intuition
Prepare yourself to open up your intuition. Learn to centre & ground yourself. Calling in your spiritual guides to receive your messages. What can block your intuition.
Monday May 21, 2018
Laura Davis-Taylor
Connecting With Crystals
Learn how to connect with your crystals. This lecture will also include a meditation and a brief history and science behind crystals.
Tiffany Lazic
An Energetic Romp Through The chakras
Called “the place where our biology & biography meed”, chakras are powerful energy centres that support health in body, mind, & spirit. This short introduction will help you identify your chakras, determining which are open, which are blocked & how to maintain healthy chakras.
Corbie Mitleid
Psychics 101
Fast, funny and informative, Corbie’s lecture will teach you what psychics can and cannot do, how to tell a good one from a bad one, and what to do with psychic information once you’ve got it.
Dennis Walcott Bsc
Meditation & Spiritual Development
Rev Dennis Walcott Bsc will show you how to develop and grow spiritually. He will also explain how you can overcome stress through meditation.